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5 Popular Different Types Of Mehndi Designs


In this article, we will explore the world of Mehndi designer in Zirakpur, highlighting their styles, specialties, and the unique touch they bring to the age-old art of Mehndi application. From the traditional charm of intricate Indian motifs to the contemporary allure of modern designs, the Mehndi designers in Zirakpur contribute to the city’s cultural richness and the beauty of its celebratory moments.

We are all aware of Mehndi’s importance in Indian culture. Not only is it a significant ritual, but performing it during wedding ceremonies is also lucky. Mehndi is always in style, whether it’s for a special wedding event or any other festival.

Mehndi is applied in different ways and styles depending on the culture. Among the many mehndi patterns that are available, there are a few extraordinary and well-known styles that have become fashionable.

Let’s take a closer look at five popular mehndi design styles that are used all over the world.

We will describe the various types of mehndi in this blog. To be aware of so many different kinds of mehndi designs is quite fascinating.

Many of us are not even aware that all of these exist. But don’t worry. Now, here we are. ready to learn in full.

So let’s get going now.


  • Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are both modern and different from others. This kind of mehndi combines both floral and geometric patterns.

This produces unique, lovely designs that appeal to females everywhere.

Women prefer Arabic mehndi during bridal ceremonies because it is among the simplest types to apply.

This style of mehndi is understated yet sophisticated.


  • Indian Mehndi Design

Not only are Indian mehndi designs appropriate for wedding ceremonies, but they also go well with salwar kameez and lehengas.

Paisleys and meshwork are used in this mehndi design. Additionally, it includes floral patterns.

Sometimes Arabic mehndi designs are incorporated into Indian mehndi designs.


  • Mehndi portrait

By learning portrait mehndi, also known as portrait mehndi, one can use the traditional art of mehndi to create intricate and lifelike images.

It can be used to create distinctive and unique designs for significant occasions like weddings, festivals, or other celebrations.

Learning portrait mehndi can be a fun and creative hobby as well as a way to express oneself and showcase one’s artistic talent.


  • Moroccan Mehndi Design

Middle Eastern and Gulf nations are very familiar with Moroccan mehndi designs. Although they are less complex than those, this kind of design is comparable to Arabic mehndi designs.

Moroccan Mehndi Designs are a more modern interpretation of the conventional mehndi art that appears extremely distinctive and fashionable.

Additionally, it is thought that these patterns ward off evil. A specific Mehndi pattern in the shape of a diamond is said to protect the bride and groom from any bad luck.

Moroccan mehndi patterns are so easy to apply that even beginners can do it.


  • Bridal Mehndi Design

Indian weddings require the application of bridal mehndi. Everyone in attendance enjoys it and it plays a significant role in the ceremony.

The choice of design for a bride’s special day takes a lot of thought. Some people favour simple designs, while others favour complex ones. However, in the end, they all appear stunning.

Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur

Mehndi has many scientific reasons why brides choose to apply it, despite the fact that it is a component of the wedding ceremony.

There are cooling effects to mehndi naturally. The cooling effect spreads throughout the body once it is applied to the palms or feet. Additionally, mehndi helps a person with stress, pain, and headaches.

The bride can get rid of all her wedding related stress by applying mehndi before the wedding.

FAQs – Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur


Q1: How do I find the right mehndi designer in Zirakpur for my event or occasion?

Start your search by exploring local mehndi designers in Zirakpur. Look for online portfolios, read reviews from previous clients, and consider personal recommendations. Pay attention to the designer’s style and expertise to ensure it aligns with your preferences.

Q2: What types of mehndi styles do designers in Zirakpur specialize in?

Mehndi designers in Zirakpur often specialize in a variety of styles, including traditional Indian, Arabic, modern fusion, and bridal designs. Review their portfolios to get a sense of their specialization and whether it matches the style you are looking for.

Q3: Can I request a personalized or custom mehndi design from a designer in Zirakpur?

Yes, many mehndi designers in Zirakpur welcome custom requests. You can discuss your preferences, themes, or specific elements you want to incorporate into the design during consultations to ensure a unique and personalized mehndi application.

Q4: How early should I book a mehndi designer in Zirakpur for my event?

It’s advisable to book a mehndi designer well in advance, especially during peak seasons or for events with high demand. This ensures that you secure the designer’s services for your preferred date and allows for adequate planning.

Q5: Are there additional charges for travel if the mehndi designer needs to come to a different location within Zirakpur?

Some mehndi designers may charge additional fees for travel, especially if the event location is outside their usual service area in Zirakpur. Clarify these details, including any associated costs, when discussing the booking.

Q6: What is the average duration of a mehndi application session with a Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur?  The duration of a mehndi application session can vary based on the complexity of the design and the area to be covered. On average, it may take a few hours. Discuss the estimated time with the designer during the booking process.

Q7: Do mehndi designer in Zirakpur use natural or chemical-based henna?

Mehndi designers in Zirakpur typically use natural henna, but it’s essential to confirm this during consultations. Natural henna is safe and provides a rich, long-lasting color without harmful additives.



Finally, there are 5 popular mehndi design categories that are favoured by women all over the world.

These kinds of mehndi designs are appropriate for festivals and special occasions.

These kinds of mehndi designs, as well as the method used to apply them to the hands, are constantly evolving.

With these incredible mehndi designs, you can add charm to your traditional clothing and enhance the beauty of your overall appearance and personality.

Looking for a Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur? Check out our collection of popular and different types of Mehndi designs. Contact our Zirakpur Mehndi Designer for a unique henna experience.


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