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Myths & Traditions About Mehndi


The best mehndi designer in Zirakpur, Sumit Mehndi Artist, genuinely cares about your wellbeing, education, and health.

Instead of relying solely on what we read or hear, we CONDUCT OUR OWN testing. Before creating any of our products, we conduct in-depth independent research, testing, and experimentation.

This is done to guarantee that your hair, skin, and general health will benefit from only the best products. Additionally, we only use the best ingredients to create our products.

Everyone is aware that false information can be found online.

For those considering using henna for their hair, inaccurate information about the dye can be perplexing. Your henna results may greatly differ if you can tell fact from fiction.

The top ten widespread myths about henna hair dye that new clients frequently inquire about are listed below.

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FAQs – Best Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur

Q1: How do I find the best mehndi designer in Zirakpur for my upcoming wedding?

Begin your search by researching local mehndi artists in Zirakpur, reviewing their portfolios, and considering client testimonials. Word of mouth recommendations from friends or family who have experienced their services can also guide you in finding the perfect artist for your special day.

Q2: What factors should I consider when choosing the best mehndi designer in Zirakpur?

Consider the artist’s experience, expertise in different mehndi styles, hygiene practices, and their ability to customize designs based on your preferences. Look for artists who use high-quality henna and prioritize client satisfaction.

Q3: Can I book a trial session with the mehndi designer in Zirakpur before finalizing for my wedding day?

Many mehndi designers in Zirakpur offer trial sessions where you can experience their work firsthand. This allows you to discuss your design preferences, assess their skill, and ensure that you are comfortable with their style before making a final decision.

Q4: What mehndi styles do the best mehndi designers in Zirakpur specialize in?

The best mehndi designers in Zirakpur often specialize in a variety of styles, including traditional bridal mehndi, intricate Arabic designs, and modern fusion patterns. Some artists may have a signature style, while others are versatile and can create designs based on your preferences.

Q5: How far in advance should I book the services of the best mehndi designer in Zirakpur for my wedding or special event?

It’s advisable to book the services of the mehndi designer well in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons or festivals in Zirakpur. This ensures that you secure your preferred date and allows the artist ample time to prepare for your specific requirements.

Q6: Are there additional charges for travel or accommodation if I want the best mehndi designer in Zirakpur to come to a different location for my event?

Some mehndi designers may charge additional fees for travel or accommodation if the event location is outside their usual service area in Zirakpur. It’s essential to discuss these details and any associated costs with the designer during the booking process.

Best Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur

  •  MYTH: I’ll get better results if I use lemon juice in my henna hair mixture

In order to get more dye from the plant and to make the colour more permanent, lemon juice is frequently added to henna mixtures for the hair.



Lemon juice’s role in enhancing the effects of henna is the main reason why people add it to their henna mixtures. making the outcomes richer or darker.

This occurs because more dye is released when the lawsone in the henna is broken down by the lemon juice.

Adding lemon juice to one’s henna hair mixture can actually be very harmful because the results are typically seen on henna for the skin, producing a darker, more desirable stain.

Due to its high acidity, lemon juice will remove the natural oils and colour from your hair.

Lemon juice can dry out your hair if used frequently. A plant called henna revitalises, conditions, and strengthens hair.

The effects are offset when it is combined with lemon juice because the latter works against the henna and prevents it from doing what it is intended to do, which strengthens hair.


  • MYTH: Henna Powder Must Be Stored in the Cooling

Many people keep henna powder exclusively in a sizable freezer. They immediately freeze the henna after receiving it to extend its shelf life. This is now a very popular trend.



Unless it has been combined into a paste, henna doesn’t need to be kept frozen.

The powder will remain fresh for years if kept in a dark, airtight container.

It is best to keep it in this container in its original packaging and only remove what is necessary.

You require a freezer with the right amount of space, or perhaps one that is just for this use. Several common problems brought on by henna freezing include:

  • Condensation happens when the henna powder is kept frozen, allowing moisture to seep inside the container. The henna powder may retain moisture and form clumps when you open the package after removing it from the freezer.
  • The powder will lose its freshness more quickly if it is not consumed immediately or stored in the freezer.


 MYTH: Avoid mixing your mixture in any metal containers

There is information about not using metal containers when mixing your henna all over the internet, henna hair colours, and books.



It’s true that you shouldn’t mix henna in metal containers, but stainless steel is an exception to the rule.

Iron and aluminium containers are common kitchenware and cooking utensils in many nations.

These kinds of metals may react with the henna and be harmful to your skin and general health.

However, none of the Silk & Stone herbal powders, including henna, react with stainless steel. Additionally, washing and sanitising it is a breeze.


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Mehndi not only leaves behind a lovely, rich colour but also a lovely scent that lingers for days and contributes to the couple’s romance in the days leading up to the wedding.

With these myths cleared, it’s time to start your search for the Best Mehndi Designer in Zirakpur to create stunning designs that reflect your personality and style.



In conclusion, finding the best mehndi designer in Zirakpur is an integral step in ensuring that your special occasions are adorned with exquisite and culturally rich henna designs. The city boasts a pool of talented artists who bring together tradition and innovation, creating personalized and stunning mehndi patterns. From intricate bridal designs to contemporary styles, these designers in Zirakpur showcase exceptional skill and craftsmanship.






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